turn The turbulence of t(w)een years into treasure

ADOLESCENCE can bring mothers + daughters closer together, not farther apart if you have the right tools 

Receive the tools to stay connected to your daughter as she evolves and support her (and yourself) with all that comes up around growing up.

Did I mention the icing on the cake?


group mentorship for moms

a live online coaching program to support parenting teen & preteen daughters



Think “I'm more worried than she is," when it comes to certain teen situations (starting a new school, getting left out, etc.) 


Want to be levelheaded about big moods, friend drama, and school stress, but it can be a lot!


Are parenting an anxious kid & it makes you anxious too


Want your daughter to have skills to navigate life including her emotions


Crave peace of mind when it comes to your teens

“What [moms] need is not the “me time” marketed to tired women… it's prioritizing the rich relationships that allow us to feel deeply loved and cared for, just as we strive to make our children feel with our own caregiving.” - Jennifer Breheny Wallace in Never Enough 




Wanting to connect the amazing moms in my circle and knowing the incredible shift a supportive community provides, I created Group Mentorship for Moms to share everything I’ve learned working with teen girls for over 10 years.

I combine my Master’s in Clinical Psychology + Education from Columbia University (focused on mothers + adolescents) with heart, humor, and understanding to provide guidance. 

There are mom groups when kids are babies, but support is needed at every stage. This is normal! T(w)een years are particularly isolating for parents and it's a time when you need more connection, not less. 

It's my passion to help moms feel confident in parenting and connecting to their teen daughters. No more wondering if you're “doing it right.” Every session will feel like a big sigh of relief.

Do you know these Moms Stats? 


Mothers with middle school-age children reported the highest levels of stress, loneliness, and emptiness as well as the lowest levels of life satisfaction and fulfillment.


Working mothers spend more time taking care of kids than stay-at-home mothers did in the 1970's.


The more empathic a mother is, the more likely she is to experience chronic low-grade inflammation.


All stats are from Never Enough by Jennifer Breheny Wallace



Not only survive but thrive through the teen years. Get closer together, not farther apart


Gain a connected + solid relationship with your daughter especially when she’s finding her own independence


Feel confident knowing what to do when sh*t hits the fan (for you and her)


Tackle uncomfy convos (tech limits, sex, mental health, drugs + alcohol) with ease


Feel peace + relief around parenting teens, particularly not taking on your daughter’s mood because there will be many!

What moms have to say

From Group Mentorship for Moms, I have a better understanding of my daughter's feelings and emotions. I have more strategies to help to guide her. Anytime there is a struggle, I reflect back to the things Maggie shared on how to understand and help her get through.

I looked forward to our Mentor calls each week and enjoyed the time to just learn and be with other moms going through similar things.

I learned a lot about tweens and teens in general, received good coping exercises to do, and most importantly, it was nice to have the space to vent and strategize how to deal with life with a tween/teen.

It really helped me to hear other moms' struggles. It was comforting to know that I'm not the only one going through things. Group Mentorship for Moms was a nice, intimate, safe community to share all the good & bad.

Maggie is EVERYTHING you want someone who holds your kid’s heart, to be.

Maggie is knowledgeable and caring and has so many strategies to share. Group Mentorship for Moms was so helpful for me and my own anxieties. It has definitely helped me to understand what my daughter may be going through and how to help her.

Maggie DiPasquale 

Maggie DiPasquale is a graduate of Boston College and has her Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University. She is the author of From Stressed Out to Zenned Out and her work has been featured on Boston’s 103.3 Amp Radio, Teen Vogue, and Yoga Journal.

As a wellness coach, consultant, and resource, Maggie has worked with students and organizations across the country and has empowered hundreds of girls to lead happy, healthy lives.

what's inside Group Mentorship for Moms 


Mondays, 11:00-12:00PM ET

Orientation week: 2/5

Live Call Dates: 2/12, 2/19 (OFF), 2/26, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18 (OFF), 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13


3 months of group coaching calls on Zoom  


Direct support from me between sessions. One the the best parts! Have a question/ situation that pops up during the week? Reach out!!


Build community among other moms. Real time, non-judgmental support. 


Recorded sessions. While the group is intended for everyone to attend live, you're also sent the recording so that when life happens, you can catch up!


Mentor resources to keep you supported


Discounts on all upcoming parent pep talks!


What age should my daughter be to make the group the right fit for me?

I recommend moms of girls 9-19 years old. I know that can sound like a BIG range, but after over 10 years of doing this work the themes and how to support girls are the same. Plus moms can be there for each other at any stage. 

What if already know I can't make one of the sessions? 

Totally fine! Every session is recorded and sent out after with any additional resources mentioned. I understand how busy everyone is! 


What are the sessions like? I've never been in a group like this.

I bring in themes I see with students or parents as the theme, but I always ask the group what they'd like me to cover so I can make sure I'm tailoring the calls!



$150 Deposit required (full payment due 2/12. installments provided if needed)

Registration closes 2/9

Imagine feeling fully supported in the teen phase of mom-ing. 


No more wondering if you're “doing it right.”

Join Group mentorship for Moms!